Future Directions

Future Directions

MEIDAM founding and executive committees have created an annual plan with several goals to be achieved by August, 2023. The aim span a variety of domains that MEIDAM members continuously work on including professional collaborations, scientific progress, research, youth involvement, humanitarian work and training.

Professional Collaborations

  • Expand our network of collaborators to include European and North American entities including the American Academy of Dermatology and the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
  • Include more partner from the Middle East including scientific collaborators from Bahrain and Tunisia

Scientific Progress

  • Keep disseminating knowledge and enhancing the quality of international scientific meetings in the region through conducting more sessions, webinars, journal clubs
  • Launch the first two issues of MEIDAM scientific, peer-reviewed medical journal with multiple original research studies, reviews and case reports published


  • Enhance research training among dermatologists and dermatology residents in the region
  • Conduct a session for renowned researchers in the region to identify priority research areas to be targeted in our programs
  • Explore research funding opportunities to support studies on the priority research areas identified by our members and consultants

Youth Involvement

  • Identify ambassadors from several countries in the region to represent youth at MEIDAM projects and scientific meetings
  • Start a youth-led journal club to enhance scientific integrity and collaboration among young dermatologists and dermatology residents

Humanitarian Work

  • Enhance our collaboration with the UNHCR to identify the best models of humanitarian work and the gaps that MEIDAM members can bridge
  • Advocate for better healthcare delivery in humanitarian settings
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